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How to convert MP4 to FLV

So many people are familiar with MP4 and FLV format, but why we need to convert MP4 to FLV? In my opinion, Convert MP4 to FLV is for putting videos online played in Adobe Flash Player. A lot of video sharing websites will automatically convert the uploaded MP4 to FLV, like YouTube, Google Video, DailyMotion, Flash video, known as FLV, is exactly a native format for Adobe Flash Player. So in order to embed MP4 video into Adobe Flash, it is a must to convert MP4 to FLV.

aHisoft MP4 to FLV converter is a powerful and professional MP4 to FLV converter which can convert MP4 to FLV format with high quality. Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner, aHisoft Video Converter is your best choice. With super fast speed and an easy-to-use interface, it makes MP4 to FLV conversion routine very simple.

Step by step guidance of convert MP4 to FLV.

  1. Free download and install the powerful and simple-to-use MP4 to FLV Converter.
  2. Click鈥渁dd鈥 button to load your MP4 files to the program.
  3. Click on the videos; choose them as the conversion file. And then choose the “FLV” output video format and output folder.
  4. Click鈥渃onvert鈥 button at the bottom to begin the conversion. The conversion from MP4 to FLV file is completed with excellent video quality.

Don鈥檛 you think convert MP4 to FLV is so simple? Except for convert MP4 to FLV, The program was designed as a YouTube video grabber. It can automatically detect, catch and download videos which are starting to play on web page. You can simply click 鈥淎utomatically Capture鈥 box before you watch a video on It supports almost 99% video sites like DailyMotion, Metacafe, etc. As an omnipotent tool, it can also convert video for iPod, iPhone, Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint. It provides you pop media formats such like MOV, MP4, 3GP, WMV, DivX, and so on.

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Download Eminem music as MP4 format

I think most of young person has heard about Eminem more or less! May you are so crazy about Eminem. Ok, in this post, we are talk about how to free download Eminem music as MP4 format.

Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. Eminem quickly gained popularity in 1999 with his major-label debut album, The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, and Recovery etc. these are the popular albums of Eminem.

To free download Eminem music, an excellent Video Converter is so necessary, I recommend Music Video Downloader—–Video Download Studio, All right, and the following section will show you the best way to help you with the download Eminem music as MP4 format.

1. Download, install and launch Music Video Downloader—–Video Download Studio.

2. Click鈥渁dd URL鈥 button to paste the URL of the Eminem music video you want to download. (Or you can play the video on video sharing website and click 鈥渁uto capture鈥; Video Download Studio will automatically capture and download the video for you.)

3. Just several minutes, the Eminem music video will be downloaded, After the video display on the Video Download Studio, click “Profile” and choose “General video”, then select an MP4 format. Set destination file, clicking Convert button to complete the task.

We have mentioned before about convert video to MP4 for iPod, so as PSP, at this time, you can transfer Eminem music video with MP4 format to any portable device smoothly. Enjoy your music life!

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How to convert MP4 to MP3

If you need to convert MP4 to MP3, in other words, you want to convert an MP4 audio file to play on your MP3 player. But before we move into how to convert MP4 to MP3, There are so many video converters around us, so you may worry about the function of them, but if there is an excellent video converter, for which can do a good job with efficiency, for a free trial. And that would be a fantastic chance.

This powerful Video Converter is aHisoft MP4 to MP3 Converter. The program also supports a number of input formats, like AVI, MOV, and FLV ect. And some other MPEG-4 based audio formats. You can convert those types of audio files to MP3 with simple steps.

1. Free download aHisoft MP4 to MP3 Converter, install and launch it.

2. Click Add file to load MP4 file(s) to be converted to MP3.

3. Click the drop-down list to select the MP3 format for each video.

4. Click聽Convert button to start to convert MP4 to MP3.

Well, you have successfully completed to convert MP4 to MP3 with the help of aHisoft MP4 to MP3 Converter. What鈥檚 more, aHisoft MP4 to MP3 Converter has many powerful functions, like video effect adjusting for a better visual effect, video trimming for a specific duration, video cropping for a dimension of your player screen, etc.

Feel free to taste aHisoft MP4 to MP3 converter.

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Convert video to MP4 for iPod

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Do you know buying from iTunes store is not only way to get iPod video? It is true, you can put DVD movie to iPod. Not only that, you can also download YouTube to iPod.聽 How to download YouTube to computer is not the question in this article because we have mentioned it before. You can visit how to Download YouTube to harddisk tutorial. Here is how to convert video to iPod in MP4 format.

Install Video to iPod converter.

The first thing is to click Convert Tab on the top.
You will see the conversion window, just click Add buttom.
Now, you can select the video from your computer.
Almost all kinds of video formats are supported. For example you can load WMV, VOB, AVI, FLV,聽 and 3GP.
The conversion is so fast, you are never afraid of聽 a bad quality. Connect the iPod and transfer the video now.

Convert MPEG2 to mp4

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For most iPod users, it is a headache that iPod does not accept other formats but only MP4. For some reasons, you want to MPEG2 to mp4 and transfer the MP4 video to iPod. Once you own MPEG2 to mp4 converter, you will never feel the inconvenience of video incompatible with mobile device.

What is MPEG2?
MPEG2 is the compression standards for moving audio and images. Usually this format is used for DVD encoding and other high-quality archival solutions. It is currently the most widely-used set of MPEG standards.

As you have known that MP4 is the most friendly formats for iPod. Choosing a professional video converter is important. Video Download Studio gives you the high quality video output.

MPEG2 to mp4 conversion three steps:

Free download this MPEG2 to mp4 converter from official site.

Load MPEG2 video from the “ADD” menu in batches.

Select the output format as MP4 and choose the default path.

Tips 1
If you do not like the black sides, you can remove them using crop function

Tips 2
Video can be converted to audio. You can convert MP3G2 to MP3 as a song.


Download free MP4 video for HTC Evo 4G

HTC Evo 4G is so popular among us, It is America鈥檚 first 4G phone. Wonderful and crazy design attracts our sight. The EVO was released on June 4, 2010 in the United States through Sprint. The device became the top-selling launch day phone on Sprint.

How to download free MP4 video for phone?

What鈥檚 the best HTC Evo 4G converter?

You can learn how to save free videos to HTC Evo 4G.

This is a holistic experience that focuses on making phones work in the most intuitive way. HTC Sense is based on three core principles 鈥 make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.

HTC Evo 4G converter was specially designed for this phone. It downloads video from YouTube, Yahoo video, Google video, Metacafe, imeem,, Dailymotion and Veoh to your computer and convert them to HTC Evo 4G files.

HTC Evo 4G normally supports MP4, 3GP movies. The videos are not in those formats can be converted and compatible with HTC Evo 4G with HTC Evo 4G converter.

Download and convert video for HTC Evo 4G tutorial.

You are also interested in watch DVD movie on HTC Evo 4G. DVD to HTC Evo 4G converter is your best choice.


Download free mp4 film to Sony PS3

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Watching videos through Sony PS3 is really a wonderful and fashionable enjoyment.

Now, we talk about how to download free mp4 film to Sony PS3.聽Download videos to Sony PS3 with Video Download Studio is also a wise and pretty choice. You may dowmload videos from tons of sites and tramsfer them to PSP3.

Fans of Sony PlayStation may see it as a dream come true. The most popular gaming console is now officially available in the country and will be sold at Sony stores and centers. These stores will carry the latest PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming and entertainment console, as well as its portable version the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The latest PS3 features bigger internal storage capacities, with models carrying either 120 GB or 250 GB, allowing for more space to store games, music, photos and movies.

It is still a good hobby to download some famous film to Sony PS3 for the purpose of entertainment.

You should download a downloader named Video Download Studio from official website.

Then you can enjoy the fantastic journey for which Video Download Studio brought to you.


1銆伮 You can trim the video by moving the slide bar from start time to end time. To choose any part which you like.

2銆伮 By setting the size of your film, then you can enjoy it with full screen.

3銆伮 Generally speaking, PSP is suitable for the format of MP4.

4銆伮 If you have any incomprehension, go to the page of, to get a tutorial.

Thanks for reading!