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How to embed cell phone video into Facebook?

For I am really a crazy fans of Facebook, so I often asked the question of 鈥how to embed my cell phone video into Facebook鈥 as we know Facebook is becoming more and more popular, so many people run themselves into it, they would like to embed some video to their Facebook, either YouTube video or Yahoo video. Including cell phone video.

In order to embed your cell phone video into Facebook, Generally, it contains two steps.

Upload cell phone into YouTube

Not only upload to YouTube, but also any other video website which can make sure that the video in it the video has a “share on Facebook” button. On the other hand, you should pay much attention on remembering convert the cell phone video from 3GP to AVI or other suitable format.

Click here to get further information of how to upload video to YouTube?

Embed video into Facebook

1銆伮 Find the video in YouTube which you have uploaded just now.

2銆伮 Click the 鈥渟hare鈥 on the below of YouTube. And then choose the logo of 鈥淔acebook鈥.

3銆伮 Now it will open up a Facebook window asking you to log in, enter in your Facebook account information.

4銆伮 The following step is just click 鈥渟hare鈥 button. If you like you can feel free to enter comments that will appear alongside the video on your profile.

Don鈥檛 you think it is very easy to reach this? Just by 鈥渟hare鈥 button, you can easily share your characteristic video with your friends from all over the world.


download Facebook videos

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Facebook is similar to MySpace. which is a social network site. Facebook also provides people wonderful videos. I do believe Facebook has the same position as Google in US. How do I download Facebook Videos? How to download videos from Facebook to MP4 player? All we concern can be solved by using Video Sharer


How Video sharer works? Video Sharer can detect streaming videos start playing on the web pages and capture the resouces. It downloads the video using the most advanced mode algorithm. The video downloaded in FLV format which is not compatible with聽聽iPod, PSP, cell phone. We need to convert them to MP4. With this purpose, Video Sharer integrate a video converter.

European version: Video Download Studio

More tools for downloading.

Online video download site: Some people do not want to install programs on their computers. It is an online site which can download Facebook videos. You can directly download videos by entering the URL to the box and hit Download. Online site for downloading is a bit slow for you because it downloads video by using server and then sent to you via Internet.

YouTube downloader: It can only download video from YouTube.聽 This gadget is so simple but very practical.