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Download Michael Jordan DVD videos

Michael Jordan is a legend. He is also a classic of this era. We are Familiar with his classic match. I still remember clearly Michael Jordan鈥檚 dunk. We would find a way to Download Michael Jordan DVD videos and record those brilliant times. Saving Michael Jordan classic moment to your hard drive is easy by using Video Download Studio.

Free download video NBA video

The video downloader can auto detect, catch and download a video which is start playing on webpage.

Easy guide to download a video
1 Open an online site such like
Search Michael Jordan and get lot related result

2 Launch Video Download Studio then tick the button 鈥淎utomatic capture鈥

3 Click the video on webpage and view it. You can find that the video is being downloaded.

How to put Michael Jordan DVD video on iPod
Conversion function was designed of people who want to transfer video to mobile device. Fox example, you can add 鈥淢ichael Jordan top ten plays鈥 video to the software and convert it to MP4 for iPod playing.


Download 2010 world cup opening ceremony video

11 June 2010, the great time for football fans from all over the world. 2010 South Africa World Cup is coming! This is an exciting event held once every four years. Opening ceremony is a bright spot of 2010 world cup. It contains powerful Africa type color.

Want to record this unforgettable time? Download opening ceremony video with Video Download Studio for free now. With this program, you can not only free download opening ceremony video off Internet but also put video to iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc.

Step by step to download 2010 world cup opening ceremony video to iPod

Step 1: Download Video Download Studio from it鈥檚 official site and install it.

Step 2: Enter 2010 world cup opening ceremony in the search bar. The program will show you related videos at the below area. Remove your cursor to the video and click Download to save it to your computer.

Step 3: The downloaded videos are not compatible with your iPod. You should convert 2010 world cup opening ceremony video to MP4 format and sync it to your iPod.

You can directly drag the video to Video Download Studio>select MP4 as the output format>click Convert


Megaporn free download

Megaporn is a free File hosting & online storage. You can watch porn videos on Megaporn. Today I will聽 show you a free Megaporn downloader. Megaporn downloader can detect, capture and save & download聽video off聽 Megaporn for free. It provides you high quality Megaporn.

Simple guide of how to download Megaporn with Megaporn downloader

Watch Megaporn video online and run Megaporn downloader>copy and paste the URL

How to put free Megaporn on iPod? With Megaporn downloader, free Megaporn for iPod, iPhone, PSP,聽
Zune and DVD is OK. It means, you can convert Megaporn videos to MP4, 3GP, WMV and AVI for portable聽 device. Then you can enjoy Megaporn in the office or at school.


1 Batch download Megaporn without slow your computer. You can experience the fast downloading speed.

2 Video to all players
Video sharer was designed to allow you transfer video and audio to iPod, cell phone, Zune, xbox, PSP,聽 Pocket PC, Creative Zen, Windows movie maker, PowerPoint, etc.

3 Multi-language supported
Italy, Germany, China and Britain, Spain, Japan

4 This program is totally clean and safe
It is virus free and past AVG, Kaspersky, Avast and Norton.

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Download Metacafe videos

What are the hottest video sites? I think you know YouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo videos, Vimeo and MySpace. Metacafe also an excellent video sharing site for free! As the world’s leading independent online video site, Metacafe makes it easy to find videos from your favorite content creators. You can enjoy funny video, TV show, cat video, movies and music video on it.

I find more and more people like it. Even more, they would like download videos from Metacafe. As the demand come up, tones of Metacafe downloaders were desingned. What’s the best Metacafe downloader? You can get more benefit in this article. Here I will show you a free Metacafe downloader which gives you innovative conception.

聽Download Metacafe videos step 1:

Download Metacafe downloader and install it. Then you can open the video on Metacafe with any broswer such like IE, Firefox or google chrone. You can save Metacafe video to your computer just by copying and pasting the URL.

Other way to download Metacafe videos:

For some “lazy” men who have little computer savvy, they can tick the BOX at right side showing “autumatic capture”. Then you view any video on web page, Metacafe can download videos itself!


Best Metacafe has the ability of batch downloading videos. They don’t slow you computer and never give you watermark! It is the best choice for downloading Metacafe videos using Video Sharer! It provides you high-definition videos for free!

If you still has problem of using this program, you can visit:

How to download, convert and edit Metacafe videos

Metacafe converter for iPod touch:

Different with other downloader, Video Sharer can convert Metacafe video to MP4, MMP3 for iPod. So you can enjoy online videos on your device when you are stuck in traffic or waiting for the train or bus? In fact, you are doing a conversion between FLV聽and MP4/MP3!

Get Metacafe converter using guide!


Download free MP4 video for HTC Evo 4G

HTC Evo 4G is so popular among us, It is America鈥檚 first 4G phone. Wonderful and crazy design attracts our sight. The EVO was released on June 4, 2010 in the United States through Sprint. The device became the top-selling launch day phone on Sprint.

How to download free MP4 video for phone?

What鈥檚 the best HTC Evo 4G converter?

You can learn how to save free videos to HTC Evo 4G.

This is a holistic experience that focuses on making phones work in the most intuitive way. HTC Sense is based on three core principles 鈥 make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.

HTC Evo 4G converter was specially designed for this phone. It downloads video from YouTube, Yahoo video, Google video, Metacafe, imeem,, Dailymotion and Veoh to your computer and convert them to HTC Evo 4G files.

HTC Evo 4G normally supports MP4, 3GP movies. The videos are not in those formats can be converted and compatible with HTC Evo 4G with HTC Evo 4G converter.

Download and convert video for HTC Evo 4G tutorial.

You are also interested in watch DVD movie on HTC Evo 4G. DVD to HTC Evo 4G converter is your best choice.


Download PornHub videos

PornHub is famous as youporn, XNXX, xvideos, RedTube and Sextube. It provides us adult porn videos for free! PornHub is the most revolutionary and complete porn tube site. It offers streaming porn videos, photo albums, and the number 1 free sex videos. Now, downloading porn videos form PornHub is available! How to download PornHub? Is there any way to save videos off PornHub? Ok, you can follow me and download HD PornHub videos to your computer.

Free PornHub downloader:
Video Sharer
US version of Video Sharer-Video Download Studio

How to use PornHub downloader?
Step 1: Open PornHub site and verify your information that you are more than 18 years.
Step 2: View a videos you want to save to your computer.
Step 3: Copy and paste the URL of the video.

PornHub convert:
Why convert PornHub videos? PornHub are most in .FLV format. MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 file format, formally ISO/IEC 14496-14:2003, is a multimedia container format which can be imported to iPod. PornHub can help you convert FLV video to MP4 and other format such like MOV, 3GP, WMV, AVI and VOB.

Features of PornHub downloader and converter:
You can download several PornHub videos at one time.
It is the fast PornHub download program.
Never lose quality when you do conversion with this PornHub converter. You can enjoy HD PornHub videos on iPod, PSP Sony MP4 player and Zune.

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Download tube8 videos

Have you heard of tube8? It is a free site including free porn videos. You can find Free XXX video & movies, the Unbeatable Saxtube and porn tube videos. Tube8 is the biggest selection of porno Videos.

I guess you are looking for a free tube8 downloader! With Video Sharer you can easily save videos off tube8 and transfer videos to iPod. You don鈥檛 have to worry about virus. This downloader is 100% clean and thousands of people choose it and gives it praise. You will get a full guide to download tube8 videos and convert tube8 videos.

Download tube8 videos step 1:

Install tube8 download from:

If you are US citizens, please download Video Sharer.

Download tube8 videos step 2:

Open Internet Explorer and visit

Download tube8 videos step 3:

Copy and paste the URL of tube8 video to tube8 downloader.

Additional part:
If you are a PRO user, you can right click the downloaded video progress and point to 鈥淎dd to convert鈥. It will go to convert tab and play the downloaded video. You can crop the black bars of this tube8 video and select MP4 format for your iPod.

With Video sharer, you can download videos from tube8 in the shortest time. You can also convert tube8 videos to any other format you like. Be sure you are older than 18 when you use tube8 downloader. If you like it, please share it with your friends.

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Download Hulu videos

Don’t want to download video fron YouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo video, Google video, MySpace and RedTube? Hulu is another choice. Here we show up you ways to download Hulu videos using Hulu downloader programs.

What Hulu site provides us? is only accessed by US users. This site is a free online videosservice that cointans high quality movies which are new released, TV shows, funny videos and Anime. You can watch many DVD films on Hulu.

If you are not an US citizen, just watch Hulu video by using a proxy!

Feel that is lag to watch with a proxy? Or you just want to put Hulu video to iPod and enjoy the DVD movie? I think you are looking for a Hulu downloader. There is one thing I guess you ignored-Hulu videos are in FLV format. Most MP3 players do not accept flash videos. You need do a conversion between FLV and MP4.

The VS Hulu downloader is an easy to use program to helps you download, convert, play and manage your favorite web videos. It can download video files from hundreds of web sites such like Hulu. This Hulu downloader saves a video from Internet using the hottest tech.

This Hulu downloader was designed for Europeans. If you do not speak English, you can choose French and German.

Click operations>language>choose any your local language.

How to download Hulu video using this program?
Two methods:
The traditional way to save a video from Hulu to your computer: Copy and paste the URL of the video.

Auto download: Tick the Automatic Capture box. When you start a video on your web page, the tool automatically detects, catch and download video to your computer.

I have mentioned, This Hulu downloader can be used as Hulu converter. It is really true. The Hulu downloader helps you convert FLV video to MP4, AVI, DVD, 3GP, WMV, and even MP3 audio format. You can then transfer videos to iPod/psp/iPhone.

US users can choose Video Download Studio. This downloader not only downloads Hulu videos but also download videos from many sites such like MySpace. It also integrates video search Module.


Download YouTube videos

For some reasons, YouTube terms of service do not support video downloading. More and more demands are put forward. How to download YouTube videos for free? You may also desire to put YouTube videos to your device like iPod, PSP. We concentrate on聽 easy-to-use downloader which do not hurt your computer. It’s getting easier to download videos using programs below.

Before you import vids to USB, you have to know that YouTube videos are in their native FLV. The iPod/iTunes only support MP4. So you have to do a conversion between FLV and other formats.

Is your list of favorite videos on YouTube getting out of hand? The ways of getting copies of YouTube vids are simple for any computer user even if he is the one without computer savvy.

Video Sharer-This program was designed as a YouTube video grabber. It can automatically detect, catch and download videos which are starting to play on web page. You can simply tick “Automatically Capture” box before you watch a video on It supports almost 99% video sites like DailyMotion, Metacafe, etc. As an omnipotent tool, it can also convert video for iPod, iPhone Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint. It provides you pop media formats such like MOV, MP4, 3GP, WMV, DivX, and so on.

AHI YouTube downloader-It’s only for YouTube video downloading. This program is very practical and handy. With this desktop tool, you can feel free to enjoy wonderful videos.

Video Download Studio-It is a classical and free utility that鈥檚 not quite as slathered with ads as other free downloader. To download YouTube videos, just copy and paste the URL of the video. You can also play downloaded FLV video with this downloader.
Online Video Downloader-A lot of people prefer to online sites for video downloading. For those people do not like install programs, Online Video Downloader was designed as a site can help you save YouTube video.


Download youporn videos

How do you download YouPorn videos for free? Can I download HD videos from sites like YouPorn, xnxx and Redtube to my iPod? With those questions, we seek for a video download & convert program.

Highly recommend: Video Sharer is a free YouPorn downloader. It can’t be easier than use this porn video downloader. People need a free and safe program for YouPorn video downloading, Video Sharer just the one you need! It also support YouTube, RedTube, tube8, etc.

If you want to download YouPorn video to iPod, you may aware that iPod only accepts MP4 files. The videos you downloaded from YouPorn site are in FLV format. Video Sharer can be used as a YouPorn video converter.

Download now!

To download a video, you need first verify you are more than 18 years. View a video on web page, copy and paste the URL to Video Download Studio.

Well, AHI YouPorn downloader is another excellent tool for you. It was designed as a youporn videos download tool only.

Disadvantage: It can’t convert YouPorn videos.

Compare to the software above, Video Download Studio is more comprehensive. It download videos from over 200 video sharing sites including YouTube, Metacafe, imeem,, Dailymotion, Veoh, Yahoo video, Google video, MySpace, Vimeo and RuTube. It is also virus free!

YouPorn is a free pornographic video sharing website, similar in concept, but unrelated to YouTube. Since starting in August 2006, it has become the most popular pornographic website. You may seeking a new way to download YouPorn. Let’s get moving!